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Feed the Media Training for Resume Writers & Career Coaches

Insights from a reporter, magazine editor, TV producer, and PR professional on how resume writers and career coaches can get themselves featured on television, in newspapers, magazines, and online media as a free or low-cost way to attract your ideal clients.

The media is hungry for stories to help their readers and viewers in their careers. Feed them!

Get more one-to-one clients, attract listeners to your podcast, launch your book, get more readers for your blog, promote an event, recruit members for your LinkedIn group, or just position yourself as an expert! Publicity can do all these things — and more! And it doesn't have to cost you a cent. This training will show you not only WHAT to do, but HOW. 

  • Ever wonder why some career professionals are featured on TV or in magazine articles — but you're not? 
  • Want to learn specific strategies to get newspapers and magazines to write articles about YOU?? 
  • Learn WHAT to do and HOW to do it — for free or at a very affordable cost. 

The training includes recordings of four webinars (originally recorded in August/September 2016), plus handouts, including templates, checklists, and cheat sheets to help you implement the training immediately.
CALL #1:
Getting Started (Who, What, When, Where, Why) — What works? Who do you need to contact? When is the best time to make contact and get coverage? Where can you get quoted? Why seek publicity instead of just doing an ad?

CALL #2:
Advanced Strategies. You have the basics. Now what? Beyond news releases to pitching. How to leverage publicity into more publicity. How sponsored segments work. How to newsjack a story. Tips for TV specifically. Other ideas for getting publicity outside of TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio.

CALL #3:
Q&A — a bonus for those registered for both Call #1 and Call #2. Sean and Bridget answer participant questions.

CALL #4:
Social Media Strategies: Attract & Engage Fans and Followers While Building Your Platform. Sean has built and managed Facebook and Twitter profiles with more than 100K fans. He shares his expertise in attracting and engaging fans and followers.

About The Program Presenters

Sean Weide:
Sean was an award-winning newspaper writer, magazine editor, television producer and PR agency rep who both pitched and placed stories in major national media, and was on the receiving end of pitches. He knew what worked — and what didn’t work. He worked as a freelance consultant in the cycling industry including as the Communications Manager for the BMC Racing Team. (Sean died unexpectedly in May 2017 from kidney failure.)

Bridget (Weide) Brooks
Bridget is a professional resume writer and the co-owner of Image Building Communications in Omaha, Nebraska. She has been writing resumes professionally for more than 20 years. She is also the editor of Resume Writers' Digest and the founder of the membership site for career professionals. She has been featured as a career expert in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Omaha World-Herald, Midlands Business Journal, Omaha Magazine, and numerous other publications. Bridget graduated summa cum laude with her degree in Public Relations from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Whether you just want to be featured in your local newspaper, or if you want to be recognized as the media's “go to” source for career stories, this is a must-attend webinar series!

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