Five Strategies for Motivating Your Clients...and You 'Profit' Too (PARWCC/JBC Webinar)

  • Thursday, September 29, 2011
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online Training
Underdogs beat more skilled competitors, not as a result of greater skill, but a better attitude and bigger heart. What good is a great resume if the job seeker is depressed, scared, or too paralyzed to act?

You will make more money and profits if you have enthusiastic clients who are confident, excited, and passionate about landing their next opportunity. You can differentiate yourself from your competition by learning how to become a motivational resume writer and career coach. Register now for this webinar and see how easy it is to motivate your clients and profit by doing so.

Register today for this program that has taken thousands of people and businesses from underpaid/underachieving to earning high profits and/or six-figure incomes. No gimmicks -- just proven growth practices used by successful people and businesses.

The program includes:
  • Five easy -- but powerful -- techniques that will motivate your clients and empower you as well!
  • The two emotions that determine human behavior and how to use them to motivate your client.
  • A PDF file on "How to Ride the Emotional Roller-Coaster
The cost for the webinar is $49.95. Space is limited.
To register, visit:
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