Lights, Camera, Action: Living Video in Your Career Services Business

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 11:31 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

Video is hot as a way to attract prospects and secure clients. Live video is even hotter! Jobseekers are hungry for information to help them in their job search, and you can feed them through pre-recorded and live videos. The focus of this special report is on live video, and provides a framework for how to easily get started — with equipment you likely already own! (We also talk about equipment and live streaming services to up your game once you get going too). 

In this 16-page special report, we cover: 

  • An introduction to Live Video Streaming 
  • How Businesses Are Using Live Video Streaming 
  • Equipment You’ll Need to Get Started With Live Streaming Video
  • How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Live Video Streaming 
  • The Types of Content You Can Create for Your Live Streaming Videos 
  • Tips on Creating Better Videos 
  • Ways to Monetize Your Live Streaming Videos 
  • How to Convert Your Audience Into Customers 
  • Why You Should Add Live Streaming Video to Your Marketing Mix 

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