The Need For Speed...

The free Write Great Resumes Faster course is full of practical, actionable strategies to help you write better resumes... faster! The course includes strategies for new resume writers as well as veterans in the industry. 

You’ll learn how to use the pre-writing process to focus your time, find out about tools and technology to help you be more productive, and discover 10 specific tips to help you if you get stuck when you’re writing. 

The course includes handouts, a 30-minute video, and a quiz. 

The Write Great Resumes Faster Course is FREE.
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Once you enroll in the course, you will receive immediate access to the course to begin working your way through the program, no matter if it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m.! 

Special Report

In addition to the free Teachable course we are offering, we also updated the Write Great Resumes Faster Special Report (with refreshed links and resources). The 87-page special report includes the following sections: 

  • The Pre-Writing Tips
  • General Tips (Writing Techniques, Finding Inspiration, Advice From Fellow Resume Writers, Strategies to Get Unstuck)
  • The “Writer Faster” Mentality
  • Technology Tools
  • Overcoming the Blank Page 
  • Finding Your Writing Voice as a Resume Writer
  • Writing Your Client’s Positioning Statement
  • Finding Keywords
  • Formula for Writing an Effective LinkedIn Headline
  • Writing a Client’s LinkedIn Profile Summary
  • Quick Reference Word Guides, Action Verbs, Personality Traits and Profile Descriptors
  • Things Not to Do When Writing Resumes
  • Resume Checklist
  • Creating a Creative Environment
  • Creativity Exercises
  • Free Writing Exercises

The “Write Great Resumes Faster Special Report” is just $14.
Now Available for Purchase!


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