LinkedIn CEO Roslansky Discusses Efforts to Appeal to Gen Z and Content Creators

Tuesday, April 05, 2022 12:36 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

Joanna Stern, tech reporter for The Wall Street Journal, recently interviewed LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky about the professional-oriented social network and economic opportunities for users moving forward (see video below). 

LinkedIn is an important component of the job search and at the forefront of the daily work that members of do with their clients. 

“Almost six people get a job every minute out of 4,500 applications that occur every minute,” Roslansky told Stern. 

Roslansky discussed the growth of Gen Z users on the platform and efforts to attract that demographic to the service. 

“[Gen Z is] much more interested in portraying themselves through video, or through a much more robust profile,” he said. 

One feature highlighted as part of this shift is the “no politics” button that removes political news and chatter from your main feed (it relies on input from LinkedIn’s editorial team, semantic classifiers, and the user community). Other features include the ability to launch a live audio or video event within the LinkedIn app and website as well as the ability to add video to your profile photo. 

LinkedIn is also trying to attract creators. The company’s focus goes beyond the typical viral sensibilities of the creator economy. 

“There’s also creation for opportunity,” said Roslansky. “Which is, ‘I have these things that I want to be able to teach my network,’ and I’m going to find an interesting and creative way to showcase that on LinkedIn.” 

The Pass-Along Materials content included with a Bronze Membership (also available in our Shop) can provide a terrific starting point for this type of creation on LinkedIn and other social platforms. 

With so many opportunities available to jobseekers, it is important as career services professionals to consider additional tools we can employ to help our clients achieve their goals. 

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