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Pass-Along Materials (Done-For-You Content You Can Use!)

Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) are handouts, instructional guides, and checklists that you can re-brand and/or re-work and use with your clients. We also have done-for-you workshops (including scripts, PowerPoint materials, handouts, and promotional materials), 30-Day challenges, and client forms and worksheets.

Each month you will receive new Pass-Along Materials content. 

You can edit and change it to make it just the way you want — and you can (and should!) put your name on it.

As a resume writer, you don’t always have the time to write everything yourself. Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) tackle subjects that are of interest to your job-seeking clients. 

Special Reports

Each month, members receive a new Special Report that focuses on marketing/operating your career services business or a relevant writing topic.

Career Worksheets for All Professions

Each month, members receive access to a new industry-specific worksheet. Use them “as is” or copy-and-paste specific sections to use in your own worksheets. Career worksheets make a great “value-added bonus” for your clients. 

Ready-To-Use Social Media Graphics

Members have access to 30 new ready-to-use social media graphics each month. Included in each collection are designs tailored to the specific month. Graphics can be used on various social media platforms “as is,” or you can add your own branding in your graphic design program of choice!

Pre-Launch Access & Special Pricing for Our
Resume Writer’s University Courses

In addition to our monthly content for Bronze members, we also offer special courses on Teachable as part of our Resume Writer’s University lineup for resume writers. 

Bronze members receive pre-launch access and special pricing for the Resume Writer’s University courses on Teachable

Bronze membership is just $13/month or $144/year. Join now!

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