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Pass-Along Materials (Done-For-You Content You Can Use!)

Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) are handouts, instructional guides, and checklists that you can re-brand and/or-re-work and use with your clients. We also have done-for-you workshops (including script, PowerPoint materials, handouts, and promotional materials), 30-Day challenges, and client forms and worksheets.

You can edit and change it to make it just the way you want — and you can (and should!) put your name on it.

As a resume writer, you don’t always have the time to write everything yourself. Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) tackle subjects that are of interest to your job-seeking clients.

Special Reports

Each month, members receive a new Special Report on a business or writing topic.

Career Worksheets for All Professions

Each month, members receive access to a new industry-specific worksheet. Use them “as is” or copy-and-paste specific sections to use in your own worksheets. 

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