Social Media Strategies Training
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Do you want more fans and followers ... and do you want to turn them into clients?

"I learned two new tricks on the call that have helped me grow my Facebook Likes
by more than 20 people in the last two days!"

"Wow, Bridget! I got my first client from Facebook yesterday -- your training was amazing!
Tell your brother thanks too!"

"I did my first Facebook Live video this morning! Thanks for the advice and encouragement!"

Check out this special training! You'll learn:

  • How to make sure your social media strategy aligns with your brand image
  • The best kind of content to post: What, When, and Where
  • Strategies to grow your Facebook following -- and turn followers into clients
  • The biggest mistakes resume writers make on their social media profiles
  • How to read -- and understand -- social media analytics. What types of posts get engagement, and what time of day -- and days -- are best to post?
  • How to use Facebook Ads & Boosted Posts (and the easiest way to get started with them)

Here's what you'll get:

  • Video replay of the training (75 minutes of take-action information!)
  • Full transcript, including screen shots (it's 40+ pages of great content, including screen shots of the analytics you need to pay attention to! Did you know Facebook has a feature that will compare your Business Page to similar Business Pages of other resume writers? I learned that myself on the call!)
  • Slides and handouts
  • A full year's worth of ready-to-go social media content for jobseekers (three Pass-Along Materials content packages that are not available for purchase!)
  • Special report: 25 Social Media Shortcuts (25 different types of content to post!)
  • Link to the Facebook Live training AND special report on "Facebook Live Streaming for Resume Writers" (a $20 value itself!)
  • Special report: How to Set Up Google Alerts

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Social Media Strategies Training

Note: This training module is INCLUDED in the full Feed the Media training (available for  just $199 for a limited time for four modules).

Your access to the training will be activated within 24 hours of your payment.

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