Jobseeker’s Guide to a Modern Job Search - Pass-Along Materials

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Are you working with any clients who haven’t looked for a new job since the last century? Clients who haven't looked for a job in 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more may need help in conducting a “modern” job search — or, at the very least, you may have to give them insight into "what works" these days. While it's still true that “people hire people,” providing information and education about how applicant tracking system software and virtual interviews are now impacting the job search can be very useful. This six-page guide touches on these topics — and several others relating to the modern job search — and gives you the ability to tie into other Pass-Along Materials content that relates to today’s job search. >> NOTE: Upon completion of your purchase, product link(s) will be sent to your email. Format: Microsoft Word Document
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