Collecting Case Studies and Testimonials - Special Report

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Sharing testimonials and case studies is one of the most effective ways to create a positive first impression when you’re presenting your career services and products online. But GETTING those testimonials and case study participants can be daunting — but not anymore! This 31-page special report gives you the tools and information to add these powerful marketing resources to your website and social media profiles. The special report provides step-by-step guidance for collecting testimonials and case studies, including these tools and fill-in-the-blanks templates: • Testimonial Checklist to keep you on track when getting and publishing testimonials • Testimonial Worksheet to fill out with questions to get you thinking • Testimonial Questionnaire with prompts and question ideas for customers giving a testimonial to answer • Email Template to request a testimonial from your customers • Case Study Checklist to follow as you go through creating your own case study • Case Study Template so you don’t have to start from scratch • Case Study Worksheet with questions to help you conduct a good case study • Email Template to request a case study from your prospective client >> NOTE: Upon completion of your purchase, product link(s) will be sent to your email. Format: PDF
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