Frequently Asked Questions About Stay Interviews - Pass-Along Materials

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Do you have clients asking you about stay interviews? This 4-page resource is an excellent guide to helping your clients understand the role of the stay interview (also known as a “retention interview.”  It includes the following sections: • Are All Employees Interviewed in the Stay Interview Process? • When Are Stay Interviews Typically Conducted? • Will I Get Advance Notice of a Stay Interview? • Are Stay Interviews Part of the Performance Review Process? • How Are Stay Interviews Typically Conducted? • How Long is a Typical Stay Interview? • Where Are Stay Interviews Conducted? • How Honest Do I Need To Be in a Stay Interview? • What Kinds of Questions Will I Be Asked? • Can I Initiate a Stay Interview? • What Can I Expect Following a Stay Interview? • What Are the Benefits of an Effective Stay Interview? >> NOTE: Upon completion of your purchase, product link(s) will be sent to your email. Format: Microsoft Word Document
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