Using Free Content to Make Sales - Special Report

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You don’t have to choose between helping others with your career services business and making money from your business. Your goal is simple: to generate benefits for your target client and income for your business. That’s why you have a business, right? One way to accomplish this is through a “useful but incomplete” strategy. You provide free content that presets a paid product. The free content provides a real benefit to the reader by itself that is further explained or enhanced through the purchase of a paid product or service. In other words, you help people for free and help them even more for a free. In this 33-page special report, you’ll learn how to create and distribute free content that leads your audience to purchase your paid products (reports, worksheets, templates, webinars, courses, memberships, etc.) Here are the six parts included in the report: • The Ultimate Strategy for Creating Free Content That Presells Paid Products • The Two Outcomes You’re After and How This Strategy Achieves Them Both • The Five Practical and Profitable Models For Giving Away Free Content • 15 Types of “Useful, But Incomplete” Content to Create • Three Rules for Knowing What and How Much to Give Away • 7 Best Practices for Creating Free Content that Presells Paid Products >> NOTE: Upon completion of your purchase, product link(s) will be sent to your email. Format: PDF
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