What Are Pass-Along Materials?

Brag About It CoverAn educated client is a happy client. We all know that our clients don't just need resumes to be successful in their job search -- they need structure, systems, and additional resources to facilitate their job search. But as a solopreneur, you don't have time to create all the materials yourself that are needed to support your client's job search.

Wouldn't it be nice to have access to articles, checklists, and special reports that you could put your name on and share with your client? Resources that will help them be more effective in their job search -- but that you won't have to take hours to create?

Now you can!

What are Pass-Along Materials (PAMs)?
Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) are brandable content you can use with your resume writing clients. They are articles and short reports provided in Microsoft Word format that you can simply stick your name on and use "as is," or edit and/or rewrite into new content. Learn more here.  

How do I get access to Pass-Along Materials?
When you sign up for a paid membership, you will have access to the current month's PAM content pack. A new pack is released each month as a benefit of membership. Each month you'll have access to a new package! (Previous packages will be removed from the site and will be sold separately in the Resume Writers' Digest store.)

What kinds of topics are offered as PAMs?
The first Pass-Along Materials pack was a 7-page guide, "Do You Have Any Questions For Me? The Question Every Candidate Should Be Prepared to Answer In An Interview." It contains more than 80 questions that a well-informed job seeker can ask a prospective employer in an interview. (How many of us have had clients ask us, "What do I say if they ask if I have any questions for them?" This guide answers that question. Thoroughly.)

Do You Have Any Questions For Me Cover (Screenshot)

Since 2011, Pass-Along Materials content topics have included online reputation management, salary negotiation, what to do next with your resume, etc. You can learn more here.

What Can I Do With Pass-Along Materials?
You can put your name and contact information on it (as if you wrote it), give it away, sell it, excerpt it as blog posts or articles, and/or use it as a script for a webinar or in-person training. Basically, the only restriction is that you can't give them to another resume writer or career coach for *their* use. (They need to buy their own personal license!) 
What Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) have been released so far?
October 2011: "Do You Have Any Questions For Me? The Question Every Candidate Should Be Prepared to Answer In An Interview." (7 pages, includes cover graphic)

November 2011: "Getting Started With LinkedIn In Your Job Search" (41 pages, including 56 screen shots).

June 2012: LinkedIn Content Package -- "7 Reasons Why You Should Be On LinkedIn" (article); "4 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn" (article); "Don't Make These Mistakes on LinkedIn" (article); "Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo" (article); "LinkedIn Profile Checklist"; "Jobseeker's Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile"

December 2012: "Brag About It!"

July 2013: "Career Checklists: 100 Tips for Success In Your Job Search" (not for sale)

August 2013: Resume Critique Form & LinkedIn Critique Form (not for sale)

September 2013: "LinkedIn Profile Delivery Document Template"

October 2013/November 2013: "Jobseeker's Guide to Getting the Job Offer" and "Frequently-Asked Questions About Job Offers"

December 2013: "Your 2014 Career Roadmap"

January 2014: "Jobseeker's Guide to Avoiding Getting Ripped Off or Scanned In Your Job Search"

February 2014: "How to Answer Six Common Questions Jobseekers Ask Resume Writers"

March 2014: "Jobseeker's Guide to Informational Interviews"

April 2014: "Jobseeker's Guide to Working With Your Resume Writer" (not for sale)

May 2014: "Jobseeker's Guide to Connecting With a Hiring Manager"

June 2014: "Jobseeker's Guide to Creating a 30-60-90 Day Plan"

July 2014: Client Management Forms (sold as part of the "Dealing With Difficult Clients" bundle)

August 2014: "Job Search Jumpstart: 30-Day Challenge" (not for sale)

Here's what one resume writer said about Pass-Along Materials:
"Bridget, oh my you've made my life so much easier. I am doing a bit of catch-up work this afternoon and finally opened your email and took a look at the PAM materials!! I am flabbergasted by what you are offering. It takes me a good couple of weeks of writing to fine tune one of these kinds of handouts (I have an interview e-book and 20 best cover letters e-book as well as a few free resources). As a writer I will undoubtedly add my own personality, but as I read through one document, I saw that I'd keep most of the writing as is. Kudos to you for this idea, for this help to struggling self-employed resume writers!"
-- Stephanie Clark, New Leaf Resumes
Check out this video about what you can do with Pass-Along Materials:

Have other questions? Contact Bridget (Weide) Brooks at bb@bearesumewriter.com.

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