Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) Training (The Academies)

  • Thursday, July 31, 2014
  • Monday, October 27, 2014
  • Online Training
Job Search Academy offers an engaging learning model that will deepen your competencies and increase your confidence to help job seekers in today’s tough jobs market. Their Job Search Strategist Program is an updated, sophisticated, and systematic program that goes DEEP into best practices for recession-era job search.

Next class starts Thursday, July 31, 2014
12 weekly classes from 1-3 p.m. Eastern time.

Class dates:
July 31
August 7
August 14
August 21
August 28
September 4
September 11
September 18
September 25
October 2
October 9
October 16

Certified Job Search Strategist

What you can expert to learn:

    • What WORKS™ in Job Search: The 5-Part Framework to job search success – The WORKS™ model encompasses both mindset and mechanics and balances attitude and buoyant beliefs with action-oriented Web2.0 tactics and contemporary job-search tactics
    • 5 Phases of a Masterful Job Search
      • 40 Steps to a savvy job search
      • 50 Factors for gauging the job seeker’s situation
    • Strategize & Execute a Targeted Search
      • The foundation of a of a job search strategy
    • Contemporary Job Search Strategies and Tactics including:
      • Web 2.0 and online tactics
      • Assertive tactics to uncover the hidden job market
    • Customary Job Search Strategies and Tactics
      • Adjusting the tried-and-true tactics to work in today’s economy
    • Online Job Search Management Tools
      • Web-based tools to help job seekers manage a job search
    • Networking Fundamentals including:
      • 14 mental roadblocks to networking
      • 4 quadrants of networking
      • 12 types of networking contacts
    • Research Tools & Systems
    • Interviewing Fundamentals
      • 15 Interview misconceptions
      • 10 Interview mental road blocks
      • Creating opportunities where none existed
      • Position proposals
    • Job search case studies
      • 15+ case studies of successful job seekers
    • Pricing, Packaging and Promoting Job Search Coaching Programs
      • Third party alliances
      • Systems, processes and tools

How to Become Certified

At the conclusion of the program, participants who have missed no more than 2 classes may sit for the CJSS Online Learning Review, which involves a short multiple-choice exam, completion of 6 hours of audio learning and a Case Study. A case study involves co-creating a job-search action plan with the job seeker, providing appropriate resources for the job seeker (from class materials), and coaching the client in getting interviews and job offers. There is no additional fee for the exam. Those passing will receive a listing on the Job Search Academy web site to promote your credentials as a Certified Job Search Strategist, rights to use the CJSS logo and a certificate. To maintain the CJSS credential, every two years you will need to attend an annual update training. Certification requires two years of experience in the careers field.

Program Materials Included

  • Comprehensive Resource Binder
  • The latest edition of the award-winning book, Job Search Magic by Susan Whitcomb
  • Resource Guide you can adapt and share with your clients
  • Insider Interviews with Wendy Enelow, Jack Chapman, Dick Bolles, Debra Feldman, Jason Alba, Diane Burns, Barbara Safani, Elizabeth Craig, Susan Whitcomb, and Beverly Harvey
  • Practical tools, forms and resources you can use immediately with your clients

What You’ll Receive

  • Vibrant community of like-minded career coaches, career advisors and consultants, and resume writers
  • A thorough understanding of more than 18 contemporary and customary job search activities and tactics
  • Hundreds of job search resources to share with your client
  • Time saving systems to help you step your client through the process effortlessly
  • Strategies for promoting a job search program to clients
  • Brainstorming sessions with a group of career professionals
  • Enthusiasm and motivation knowing you have a complete process to guide clients through
  • Cutting-edge strategies for online job search techniques
  • Hundreds of ideas for additional coaching topics you can offer your clients
  • The latest studies, reports and statistics related to today’s job search
  • Tips recruiters share among themselves to find candidates
  • Ideas about services to offer, packaging your services, presenting the package to your client, and pricing
  • Resources for third party alliances and vendors
  • Inspirational techniques and activities to help your clients manage the emotional stages of unemployment
  • Confidence to help and support clients through their job search
  • A passionate and compassionate coach/instructor who is committed to your success in the program


We “meet” from the comfort of home/office via telephone bridge line for 12 weeks, for 2 hours each week. Total class hours are 24. The beauty of the 12-week program allows you the time and framework to assimilate, practice and execute the new systems, strategies, and communication styles learned – in fact, we highly recommend that you work with a client or two while participating in the program.

Cost: $2597 for 4 monthly payments of $577.

For more information, or to register, visit http://www.theacademies.com/programs/jobsearchstrategist/

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