"Formatting Modern Resumes: Strategy & Distinctive Design to Win Interviews" E-Summit (Career Thought Leaders)

  • Friday, January 20, 2017
  • Online Training
Formatting Modern Resumes:
Strategy & Distinctive Design to Win Interviews
Career Thought Leaders E-Summit
Friday, January 20, 2017
Noon to 2 p.m. Eastern time

Resume formatting is a strategic decision. Like resume content, it is dictated by who the client is and what information you want to highlight. How to create the right structure to best showcase that individual client is a critical skill for professional writers.

Resume formatting is becoming increasingly important, and is shifting as mobile device use increases, ATS evolves, and visual elements become more common.

Having a modern resume format is as critical to 
interview success as is resume content.

In this E-Summit, we'll share a wealth of resume formats that you can use as a guide when writing resumes for your clients. Specifically, we will address how to:

  • Be strategic in selecting the “right” format and structure for each resume based on that client's unique situation
  • Create formats that look great, are easy to read, and give your clients immediate visual distinction
  • Add new designs, formats, and structures to your toolkit - to spark your creativity and increase your options
  • Design resume layouts and formats that allow you to instantly showcase the most critical information about each client
  • Use MS Word formatting features that are essential to the integrity of resume presentation
  • Format ATS-friendly resumes, a must in today's world of online job search

You'll receive a valuable portfolio of resume samples, from standard go-to formats that can be easily adapted for multiple clients, to sharp and savvy formats best used for professionals and executives, to remarkably creative presentations that you'd use only in unique situations.

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