"The Employment Game: How Are You Preparing Your Clients?" -- BeAResumeWriter.com Teleseminar with Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach and Author of "Career Ownership: Creating Job Security in Any Economy"

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011
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The Employment Game: How are you preparing your clients?
Wednesday, Oct. 12 • 7 p.m. Eastern time

Janine Moon

with Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach and author of "Career Ownership: Creating Job Security in Any Economy," published by Malloy in 2010.

As resume writers, you are often the first stop for someone in the job search. But today’s employment market is so very different, how relevant is the value you provide?  Are you arming your clients for battle in the short term…or for the permanently changed employment market?  

With both unemployment and underemployment in double digits and with millions of jobs in the U.S. alone going begging because workers don’t have the right skills, you have the opportunity to help educate your clients to the underlying structural changes that they will meet in their work lifetimes.

Consider this: one piece of the mortgage crisis is that many home buyers were not  prepared to be home owners…in a sense, the market experienced a mismatch between what’s required and how an individual prepares to move from ‘renting’ to ‘owning’. We could say that there’s an underlying structural problem in the home ownership process, i.e. the lenders and buyers don’t have the same expectations. 

The same is true in today’s employment market: while everyone wants that “permanent, secure” position (and they want it to be theirs,) few are prepared for what that means in today’s global marketplace. “Structural unemployment” may define that best: what employers need and what workers have don’t match.  Career Ownershipis the preparation necessary for that elusive ‘security’ that so many want. Just like home ownership, however, the skills and mindset needed for career ownership are different from those needed for having a job, or put another way, for renting work.

Janine Moon, author of Career Ownership: Creating ‘Job Security’ in Any Economy, will -- in this hour-long tele-seminar -- review the employee skills and mindsets needed for any security in today’s work place. You’ll receive a Career Ownership quiz that you can use with your clients to provide clear direction on what today’s organizations must have from workers for both to succeed. You’ll also understand how the Career Ownership model differs from traditional job search and career-pathing models, and the value of a holistic approach to your clients’ career assets.  While it’s a model that places the responsibility for security squarely on the shoulders of workers, Career Ownership maximizes worker value to employers and creates a core of security in the midst of workplace upheaval. 

Visit Janine’s website for further information: http://careerowners.com

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