How to Get a Rush of New High-Paying Clients in Your Area

  • Friday, October 18, 2013
  • Online Teleseminar
How to Get a Rush of New High-Paying Clients in Your Area
With Leeza Byers, CPRW, CEIP, C5SI, CPCC, GCDF
NRWA Teleseminar
Friday, October 18, 2013 - 1 p.m. Eastern


Have you thought lately, “I just feel like I don’t know what to say to get new clients”?

Are you tired of not knowing how to answer the question, “So, what do you do?” Are ready to have a response that makes people say, “I need you!”?

Do you wish you could start charging what you know you’re worth and have people happily pay you?

Then join Leeza for this value-packed teleseminar! During your time with Leeza, you will learn to:
  • Own your value and stop undercharging by identifying your ideal clients
  • Stop the price comparison game and get people excited to choose you
  • Stop hearing “I have to think about it” and close more sales by using six simple words
  • Create an unpaid sales force that is happy to promote you and your services through powerful strategic alliances
  • Leeza’s also going to share one of her most recent strategic alliances with recruiter Sean Stovall, who’s also passionate about helping job seekers, with his trade-secret tool – Job Search AnalystTM which puts job seekers’ search into turbo charge!

Leeza Byers, CPRW, CEIP, C5SI, CPCC, GCDF is President and Co-founder of Byers Workforce Solutions – a company devoted to the success of job seekers, “solo-preneurs,” and “mom-preneurs” in the career industry.

Leeza spent a little more than two years wrestling with the idea of leaving the security of her corporate paycheck. For Leeza, that decision was both exhilarating and petrifying. Success was not instant for Leeza. She wrestled for the first year in business. Although she had some clients, without a mentor and without any business-building knowledge, her resume and coaching business was barely making enough income to survive. Leeza’s prevailing belief was, “Someone out there HAS the recipe for building a successful business, and I intend to find it.” And with that, she made the decision to study six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs.

With relentless determination, she immersed herself in their programs; bought their books/audios; enrolled in their live seminars; listened to hundreds of teleseminars; and, most importantly, hired several of them to coach her one-on-one. To the tune of more than $20K, Leeza invested her own money in discovering exactly what it took to create a successful business. However, Leeza’s greatest accomplishment is having the courage to laser-focus her marketing (which means saying “no” to non-ideal clients) and doubling her income while taking off Fridays and Mondays to be a mom.

Leeza has teamed up with one of her business mentors – Jane Garee. In just six months in Jane’s VIP Sales RockstarTM Program, Leeza earned thousands of dollars in sales. Now, Leeza is dedicated to working with “solo-preneurs” and “mom-preneurs” in the career industry to help others unleash their inner Sales Rockstar to make more money, serve more people, and live the life they always thought they would have when they decided to become a business owner.

One hour live teleseminar is $19.99 for members and $29.99 for nonmembers.

All teleseminars are recorded and are one hour in length.

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