The Neuroscience of Trust in Coaching (The Academies)

  • Thursday, January 23, 2014
  • Online Teleseminar
The Neuroscience of Trust in Coaching with Michael Marx
(Free Call From The Academies)

Trust is a highly valued commodity in today’s society and workplace. Learn how, as a coach, to develop and build that trust by exploring The Neuroscience of Trust in Coaching with Michael Marx, a Professional Certified Coach specializing in business coaching and corporate consultation. Michael Marx is a noted expert on the effects of fear on adult learning, and his doctoral dissertation was on the promotion of learning in adult mentoring & coaching dyadic settings.

Join us for a free call next week, where Dr. Marx will discuss:
  • Fear sizes up the limbic system and prevents trust from formulating;
  • When trust is present, the client relaxes knowing that the coach will care for him and not harm him;
  • Trust creates empowerment.

Thursday, January 23
2-3pm Eastern
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Michael MarxA gifted teacher, Michael Marx holds a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies, an MBA, and an EdD in Adult Education. A strong advocate for professionalism in coaching, Michael served on the ICF Global Ethics & Standards Committee and on the Ethics subcommittee for educating coaches on ethical practices. He also serves as president for the North American division of International Neuroscience Management Education (INME).

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