"Writing ATS-Optimized Resumes" E-Summit (Career Thought Leaders)

  • Friday, February 28, 2014
  • Online Training
"Writing ATS-Optimized Resumes" E-Summit
Friday, Feb. 28, 2014
Noon to 2 p.m. Eastern time

Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark*

With the emergence of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), resume writing has changed. In its infancy just 5 years ago, ATS technology is now at the very core of resume writing and job search. It has changed everything about resumes - how we write, what we write, why we write it, and where we put it on each resume.

Of course, a lot of things have remained the same. We will always continue to write resumes that are rich in content, well-formatted, and visually sharp and distinctive. However, we must now take into consideration all of the complexities of ATS technology and what that means on a “tactical” level.

During this Resume E-Summit, Wendy and Louise will:
  • Review the history of ATS and dispel the many myths
  • Provide a clear-cut framework of current ATS requirements
  • Introduce the best ATS resume formats and explain why they work so well
  • Show you how to identify keywords for ATS resumes and leverage their impact
  • Demonstrate how to write resume copy and accomplishment statements based on ATS keywords
  • Share ATS resume samples so you'll see it all “in action”
  • Show you how to write ATS resumes that are also human-reader friendly

As with all Career Thought Leaders E-Summits, you'll receive a wealth of handouts and resources, including ATS-optimized resume samples, before-and-after comparisons, keyword resources, and more tools and tips to help you write powerful and effective resumes for diverse clients.

E-Summits are easy to attend -- live or recorded:

Friday, February 28, 12 noon to 2 pm US Eastern time
MP3 audio recording - listen any time you want and as often as you want

Registration: $69 for program, recording, and all materials

Full Program Description & Registration:

* Due to a family illness, Wendy and Louise will present in place of original guest expert Robin Schlinger, BSChE MIT, MCD, CMRW, CPRW 
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